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About Us

As devoted physicians, our goal is to prevent and treat illness; as passionate child advocates our mission is to listen, empathize and provide valuable guidance that will create trusting and enduring relationships.

Rema Merhi, DO, FACOP

Board Certified Pediatrician


Dr. Rema Merhi has been a resident of the Las Vegas area since 2005. She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Nevada, School of Medicine where she excelled in her post-graduate accomplishments. In 2011, she was awarded the Resident of the Year for her outstanding dedication as a pediatric resident. Her accolades continued throughout her pediatric residency career. The following year she was named the Outstanding Outpatient Clinic Resident of the Year for her diligence providing invaluable care to the underserved Las Vegas community. Her commitment to providing compassionate medical care to the community is most evident in her 2012 Ruben Diaz Humanitarian award for excellence. She concluded her residency career as chief pediatric resident where she excelled in her leadership talents.


Her love for children was present even prior to her accomplished medical career. She held dear her years as a middle school science teacher where she thrived as a dedicated and enthusiastic educator. Dr. Merhi’s passion lies in patient education and preventative medicine, as well as treating the patient as a whole. She has continued to serve the Las Vegas community since graduating from pediatric residency in 2012. In her leisure time, Dr. Rema loves spending time with her family, enjoys nature and hiking and reading fiction novels.

Lillie Hidaji, MD, FAAP

Board Certified Pediatrician


Dr. Lillie Hidaji has resided in the Las Vegas community since 2008. As a college student, she had an influential experience as a child life volunteer at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. She was deeply inspired helping chronically hospitalized children cope with their illness and knew immediately her calling was to become a pediatrician. She commenced her pediatric residency in 2008 at the University of Nevada, School of Medicine. Dr. Hidaji’s excellence as a dedicated resident physician was honored with the Outstanding Outpatient Clinic Resident of the Year award in 2011.


Throughout her pediatric residency tenure, her desire to help children in need was evident in her community work, as she provided medical care for children in several underserved communities in Las Vegas. Dr. Hidaji’s invaluable commitment and compassion for the pediatric community is evident in her honor as Las Vegas’ Top 100 Doctors of 2017. Her dedication is to disease prevention and wellness guidance and education. In her spare time, Dr. Hidaji loves playing soccer, watching and attending sporting events, as well as learning new languages.

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